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  1. Sarah Bailey says

    Thanks for this post and I know I will be needing this someday especially the list of “where to eat” restaurants. I was very entertained with your video and hoping I can experience all of that for myself.

  2. Mai C. says

    I’ve never been to Finland but I’ve always wanted to go. I think this makes a great guide for people who are going to visit Helsinki for the first time!

  3. Jennifer Parker-Gilbert says

    I would love to visit Finland! The scenery looks gorgeous and I would do food tasting in old market hall.

  4. Liz says

    Amazing ideas about travelling to Helsinki! If I ever get to go, I will definitely consult your guide – looks like you have found great places that I would love to visit as well!

  5. Ave T says

    I haven’t been to Helsinki for ages! Have to visit the Finnair Skywheel and Marimekko shop the next time I visit the capital of Finland. My daughter is a huge fan of Moomin.

  6. Jenni Kainulainen says

    Oh, I love seeing my old hometown ❤ Helsinki is one of the coolest places I know. And I miss all the moomin stuff and Finnish design! Luckily we have some of them available here in Norway.

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