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  1. Lauren Falardeau Pariseau says

    This is a great list! I recently went through the bathroom and tossed all the old, expired or unused products collecting in there. It felt amazing!

  2. Melissa Marie says

    I really need to go through my Make up! This list made me think of a few things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about!

  3. Mar says

    We will be moving into a condo in March. Our life has been boxed up for the past half a year. I am excited to be able to unbox everything and do a giant purge!

  4. Dr. K. Lee Banks says

    Ah yes, decluttering! That “necessary evil” we all should do on a regular basis! I like all your tips and have actually been working on most of them already. Our house is about 960 square feet – small for a house – single floor ranch. Between hubby and me – and 11 pets (3 dogs, 8 cats) – and all our STUFF … it’s crowded and really needs more decluttering. One idea I’ve heard is not to set something down “for now” – because then the “for now” pile just keeps growing!

  5. Follow My Gut says

    LOL you had me at “eye infection”! I know there’s so much to do to declutter and so much of this I have to do myself. Love this post!!!

    Danielle | <3

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