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  1. I’ve been to Tokyo, but never Kyoto. This post gave me a little taste. And made me hungry for ramen! 😉

  2. Whiskey lovers paradise? Please count me in! Lol I have been wanting to go to Japan since I was a little girl and if I could, I would combine Tokyo, Kyoto, and Oki into one adventure. The fact that you got to see the cherry blossoms just seals the deal.

  3. This is so fabulous and I loved your vlog! I so want to get into video, but the editing seems so complicated..which app/tool do you use to edit , add music and crop from scene to scene. it seem so so hard! I loved seeing you on the video..so fab!! Pics are great too!


  4. this is so amazing …i love every single picture ..and the video was so beautiful like we were with you…thank you so much for sharing

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