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  1. Olivia Frescura says

    Loved your outfit! I really want to find a pleather skater skirt, but I can never find a good plus sized one that looks good…So annoying! Burgundy is def my fave fall color.

    • Chelsea Pearl says

      Thanks girlfriend! Try checking at Nordstrom Rack – they had a lot of pleather options for the season. ASOS is another great retailer with a good return policy and a plus size selection. And I agree, burgundy hardly ever leaves my nail polish lineup in fall year after year!

      • Olivia Frescura says

        I love Nordstrom Rack. Posting some outfits soon that have a few things from there. I love ASOS- My shirt from the iFabbo event was from there. I actually just found one last night at Forever 21 for $16…hallelujah! Gonna try to make it last…

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