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  1. Mary Young says

    How are you feeling now? I loved your insight videos and writing about this. I feel like there is not enough recent real time info about doing this surgery. I’m a 44 year old, now have 34G post baby (almost two years ago) and seriously considering doing the surgery within the next six months, but concerns about not being able to lift anything have delayed me a bit. I so appreciate you sharing your real time experience!

  2. Kolohe yogini says

    Hi Chelsea, just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. My breast reduction surgery is scheduled for Sept 28. I just turned 42 and a week before my birthday I flipped my truck in a horrible crash that I miraculously walked away from with only injuries from the airbag deploying. This gave me a new outlook on life and encouraged me to take the leap to live my best life. I am 32DDD, 5’10”, and I live on Maui, which means I spend equal amounts of time wearing bikinis as I do bras. As a result my c7 vertebrae is permanently popped out, my lomi massage therapist keeps telling me to not do shoulder stands in yoga, and what I thought was pins-and-needles sensation in my hands from carpal tunnel is exacerbated by my bra straps. I remember sobbing in the fitting room when I was 13 years old, trying on swimsuits and nothing would fit me. I was 34dd in ninth grade and the unwanted attention was horrible. I love vintage clothes and trying to find something that would fit my boobs is extremely hard. So while I’m on break from my job as a bartender, I thought I’d go ahead with my dream of getting a breast reduction, because why suffer any longer? I am currently prepping a recovery area in my living room and your advise is helpful. I can’t wait to have this nightmare and struggle be over. I’m gonna be 34c, which I’ve always thought would be the perfect proportionate size for me. Best wishes on your journey!

  3. Diamond says

    Hi I love watching your story I’m only 1 week and a half post breast reduction and I’m so depressed my breast are extremely flat… I asked to go from 38DDD to a C cup and I look like a flat chested woman no bigger than a B.

  4. Kate says

    Loved your videos-thanks for sharing your journey! I’m 34 and I am 2 weeks post surgery and I know it was the right decision. I should have done this years ago! I cannot wait to get these itchy stitches out. Everything you said was pretty spot on, the only difference for me was I did not have any drains and so far I’ve been very lucky to be healing quickly. Still going to take it easy and let my body heal before I get back into things. Wishing you well and very happy for you!

  5. Nicole says

    Just wanted to share my experience for those coming across your page. I’m 31 and currently 2 weeks post op going from a 36HH to who knows what they’ll be. I’m guessing in the DD or DDD range which with my frame would be more proportional and still a million times better than how they were. Thank you so much for sharing. Week 1 was as expected and week 2 is definitely the grumpy and having a hard time telling what’s normal healing and what should be concerning. Fluid on my gauze makes me worry about infection constantly but I also know it’s part of the healing process. I go on Thursday to get my stitches out so I’ll get confirmation that everything is going well then! Thank you so much for sharing and your insight on infection. That is what I am watching so closely for but as you said, sometimes it just happens out of our control. Best of luck on your journey and with your newfound freedom! And to those who are hesitant, the struggle post op is 100% worth it and I’m only 2 weeks out.

  6. Leslie Cisler says

    Loved hearing your journey, I just hot approval from plastic surgeon now awaiting insurance response, I’ve had 5 shoulder repairs including a replacement, also a neck fusion and multiple injections in back to help with pain this is definitely medically necessary, dr told insurance he wants to remove 450 grams each on me and I will happily donate that to someone wanting enhancement

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