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  1. Heather Johnson says

    The Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque sounds great! I know my hair takes a beating during the summer especially and could use some TLC.

  2. Lyf&Spice says

    I just love peach velvet hues, especially when it comes to lipsticks. I think it gives the face a more natural and fresh look. The bronzer in golden sand is something I’m contemplating on buying. Cheers!!

  3. Denay DeGuzman says

    This summer I’ve been wearing minimal makeup but loading up on a variety of sunscreen products. But now I’m super interested in the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I’d love to have a little shimmer with my hydration!

  4. Teresa Britton says

    The lipstick sounds great. I love a pink/nude lipstick w/ my fair skin. The pre-shampoo mask sounds awesome too. I have been using one as well. It’s so important in the summer, I think.

  5. On women mind says

    I m loving smash box lipsticks and No7 golden sand bronz. Just read about anti breakage leave-in treatment sounds great. Surly, I will give it a try soon.

  6. Gideon Akachukwu Okorie says

    My sister normally uses the nude pink lipstick, her favorite and it’s an awesome product.

  7. Nicole Caudle says

    I haven’t bought any new makeup in a while. I’ve heard so many good things about Smash Box. I will have to check out the others on the list.

  8. Kimberly Caines says

    Ok, I’m convinced that I need to check out the Buxum lippies. I tried their glosses and they tingle on your lips which can sometimes be uncomfortable. I need to try their lipsticks still though.

  9. David Elliott says

    I can see why you would like doing a favorites list of items. I think they work really well and they work really well on video as well.

  10. The Earth Below Girls says

    I have been wanting to try out Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. I love your energy and I am gonna have to try out some of these recommendations !!

  11. ElizOF says

    Of all the products you featured this go around, the Brazilian cream caught my attention the most. I love that it offers great mosturizing with a glow.

  12. Leo T. Ly says

    I am not much of a beauty product expert, but I can definitely see the difference in your skin after the use of these makeup products. Gonna send your tips to my wife. I think she will love to try some of your tips.

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