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  1. Allison Gallagher says

    I had no idea bout the Beauty Concierge! I’m always so confused about buying drugstore, because I can never find that perfect shade! Totally trying this out

  2. ResaMichelle says

    Foundation color is SO hard to pinpoint, and just as I think I’ve found the right one, the season changes. It’s super nice to know that Target has happy little enablers around help! Sephora’s lighting is always too dark and they end up picking tones that are a shade too dark and orange for me.

  3. Erica says

    I SO want to meet a Beauty Concierge and chat makeup tips and tricks. My two local Targets don’t seem to have one yet! And finding the perfect shade…SO important. I’ve had far too many blunders of walking outside and having my face be a different color than my neck!

    Coming Up Roses

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