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  1. Taylor Epperson says

    Yay for new beginnings! I love San Francisco (and if we could afford to live there, we totally would. That is, if we ever move back to California) but city living can be tough. I’m excited to hear more about your experiences now that you’ve moved a little further away and how life changes because of it!

  2. Mallory mitchell says

    This is so exciting chels!!! I feel so lucky to have lived in SF when I did, and get out when I did. I miss it every day and I’ll always love it. But things have definitely changed. Can’t wait to read all about your new adventures and see what you do with your amazing new home!

  3. Christa says

    Congratulations on the move! I love new chapters and find that much good comes from big changes. I moved out of Baltimore when the struggles outweighed the benefits, so I understand your decision so much. Im looking forward to following along on your new adventures!

  4. Marette says

    What’s happening in San Francisco is so heartbreaking. People who have grown up there shouldn’t have to leave because housing is out of control. I’m sorry. A new place sounds exciting, though. I hope you enjoy it!

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