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  1. Candy Kage says

    Never been to hot for what my family enjoys. For those who hate cold weather I can see where this would be the place to go and enjoy.

  2. Messy Cutting Board says

    I never knew this was in Scottsdale!!! So beautiful and tranquil!! I think I will need a mommy get away soon and thanks to your post I am totally going to pitch this to my girls!! Thank you!!

  3. Kate Van Vleck says

    This looks like an awesome getaway! I’ve never been to Scottsdale before but this post has totally put it on my “visit” list!

  4. Lavanda Michelle says

    This looks a like great place to getaway. I only been to Scottsdale once for a wedding. now I truly want to go back.

  5. Alicia Taylor says

    An adult only swimming pool? Oh yes, please! I am enthralled with this idea. We don’t have kids and on vacation, I’m usually not wanting to babysit for parents that just let their kids go to the pool to get out of the room.

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