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  1. I love to take gummy vitamins or gummy fish oil. I tend to remember to take my vitamins if they are in gummy form.

  2. I did a review on these vitamins too and had the same results. It did great for my nails but nothing else. It did break out my skin though. #ProductReviewParty

  3. I take vitamin D and iron, I wouldn’t say they are my “favorite”, but since i have a deficiency, I need to take them. I enjoyed my prenatal gummies that I took when pregnant. My hair was amazing when I took those!

  4. My favorite daily supplement is a probiotic blend. I’ve noticed a big difference since starting it.

  5. My favorite vitamin to take are the chewable vitamin C’s. The rest are pretty boring but those just taste like childhood! lol

    • Congrats darling, you are my randomly selected winner! I will be letting my sponsor know to reach out with next steps. Have a great weekend! Thanks so much for entering!

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