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  1. ccassara says

    I wish I’d seen this shop. Makeup is my weakness and I am a sucker for new brands. I love Makeup forever, it’s one of my favorite brands for eye pencils. But am always looking for something new. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robin says

    Press for Champaign! That so works for me!

    I love trade shows that are open to consumers. I think it’s nice to get to go in and shop for us, and it gives reps a chance to talk one-on-one with a lot of consumers at once. I’m always looking for new eyeliner and mascara, my two must-haves when I skip all other makeup. Being able to talk to a rep would save me a lot of money and time by avoiding the waterproof mascaras that look great at first but start flaking in a few hours.


  3. JenniferHenry-Novich says

    I love that palette…its all of my fav colors rolled into one. You’re going to create some amazing smokey eyes with that!

  4. Denay DeGuzman says

    Oh my goodness – what a fabulous event! I would have gone wild buying this and that for myself and other items for birthday and Christmas gifts. I love the great stash of beauty products you walked away with that day. You are so darn lucky! 🙂

  5. jenny says

    Oh my goodness I never knew they had a trade show for makeup before….where have I been. I would love to go to this some time! I loved your video…your so lucky!!!

  6. lauriel says

    OMG, that sounds like such an amazing event!! I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll def have to bookmark it for next year. I’m a fan of some of the products in your haul, and have been especially intrigued by the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. What do you think of it? It’s currently sitting in a ‘shopping cart’, just waiting for me to make the click. 😉

    lauriel of

  7. OurMiniFamily says

    I am swooning over the different eyeshadow–I have got some serious retail envy! I bet the makeup show was amazing!

  8. Juliet says

    Ooh, this sounds like an awesome event. Hope, I can go next year. I found your blog via the blog engagement group on facebook and I’ll definitely stick around. You have such a beautiful blog!

    x, Juliet

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