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  1. Roxy Crenshaw says

    I LOVE delivery apps. Call it being lazy if you want, but this would at least be one less thing to worry about. I think my favorite/would be most useful from this list would be instacart!

  2. Rhea says

    I just used instacart yesterday to deliver groceries to my elderly parent ! It’s snowing where she lives so she couldn’t get out . Love the ease of uisng this app! Uber is amazing when you travel too so convenient but it’s not in the Middle East which makes me sad! However we have talabat & carriage which are awesome companies for getting food delivered. Thanks for sharing !

  3. Mari says

    I use Favor and Postmates. I live in TX. They also offer waiving or reducing delivery fees similar to Caviar. Great post! Thanks for sharing x

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