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  1. Melissa says

    Wow, it’s so weird you posted this because I just had dermaplaning done the other day! I’ve had it done before and LOVE it – no downtime, no problems, it’s my favorite 🙂

    Expect this time. This ‘master esthetician’ cut my face and left red, painful abrasions. It’s horrible! It’s been a day since I’ve had the procedure done, and the manager (this is in Washington state) basically told me “scratches are normal” and it was my fault. Like you said, scratches are NOT NORMAL!

    I’m so upset and frankly scared to get dermaplaning again, which is a shame because I’m a great candidate and I think it’s a wonderful procedure. My advice to people is to go to someone licensed, sit down and talk to your esthetician first, and let them know if it feels weird or painful. Sad lesson learned for me 🙁

  2. Christa says

    Dermaplaning is one of those things I’ve been really curious about but haven’t yet tried. Hearing you had a great experience is really encouraging.

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