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  1. Luci says

    Great tips. As a big busted gal myself, I have a hard finding bras. Also its hard to find bras that don’t cost and arm and a leg to get one.

  2. Cat says

    Bras can be so hard to shop for–I hate bra shopping! Great tips for small bands and large cups girl!

  3. Téa (Founder of TéAmore lingerie) says

    Hi Chelsea! This was a really great read, thank you!

    I absolutely agree on the small band – large cup bra sizes being largely overlooked in the lingerie industry so I founded TéAmore – a fine lingerie label on a quest to bring beautiful and luxurious garments to women in the D+ cup range. We are launching in 2019 and hope you will check us out and let us know what you think.

    D+ cup ladies unite! ✊

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