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  1. Annie Cho says

    I totally agree with group boards, it’s been helping my traffic as well! I also use TW and Canva too!

  2. Betsy Glenn says

    I’ve started using board booster and have definitely seen an increase. I know I should be using group boards more than I am but it’s just another thing on a long to do list that never seems to get checked off haha.

  3. Jennifer Maune says

    Yes, I recommend all of these things too! It’s crazy how much traffic Pinterest can get you once you start focusing on it!

  4. Mila says

    Everyone raves about tailwind, but I haven’t gotten into it. I want to focus there eventually, but it seems like it takes a lot of time.

  5. Denay DeGuzman says

    I really need to jump in and start with Tailwind and join more group boards. I wish Pinterest would provide an easier way to contact the owner of a group board – that’s one of my biggest difficulties.

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