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  1. Candy Kage says

    This is the reason why we grow such a big garden, raise our own meat and process and make everything we can from scratch.

    • Debbie says

      I figured out that I am also super allergic suddenly it seems to Carrageenan. It has been destroying my health at a horrible steady rate fornalmost year now. I am finding out that this is a mega battle, because I believe if they don’t use use more than 30% of it in their product they don’t even have to list it. So… Beware. It’s misery served unjustly.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lauren B. says

    Yes there is so much crap in everything! I have heard of this ingredient before, but I thought it was a coloring agent. (shows what I know! ha!) I am glad you figured out what was causing your allergy.

  3. Kristen says

    I’m sorry to hear you have an allergy, but glad you figured it out! Crazy how many ingredients are in what we eat and we don’t even know!

  4. Ashley says

    For two years, I’ve been dealing with a rare, unexplained food allergy. The symptoms are delayed. Experts cannot figure it out. I’m starting to narrow it down to what I believe could be carrageenan. Thanks for the info!!!

  5. Kristina says

    I noticed your comment about being in the beer brewing process. Have you had similar reactions to ice cream and beer? These so far seem to be the only things I can find that really set off my stomach. I was originally thinking it was a gluten issue, then dairy, but now I’m wondering about this. I tried a dairy-free ice cream (Almond Dream) but had the exact same reaction. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Anna Lucia says

    I’m allergic to carageenan too! I just found out about it along with a long list of other things including guar gum and arrowroot! I’ve tried eliminating everything to help with my chronic daily migraines and now this allergy could explain it all!

  7. Rachel says

    Happy to meet you Chelsea Pearl.

    I think it’s taken me five years to narrow done my allergy between xanthan gum, guar gum and carrageenan, I broncho-constrict and wheeze for several hours. I used to write down everything I ate which eventually limited me to only eat at home and avoid all three of these thickeners. Today, I think I have it figured out, we had whip cream and carrageenan appears to be culprit.

    Best in avoiding carrageenan! Rachel

  8. Meme B says

    Just figured this out last night. I developed an allergy last year where my eyelids and under eyes puffed up dramatically. Went to the allergist and although I’m allergic to the usual, he said since it’s only my eyes that he’d do nothing. Just use the over the counter – that didn’t work. Well, after dropping almost all dairy, I had whipped cream from a can a couple times and the eyes started to swell. My husband figured out the whipped cream and then said maybe it’s something IN the canned cream. Then I found this additive.

  9. nahid A says

    Thanks for sharing! My son had a severe allergic reaction to the Odwalla Strawberry Protein shake which has carrageenan in the list of ingredients, and I am trying to find out if that was the cause or other hidden protein ingredients not listed on the label of the bottle since he has peanuts and tree nuts allergy. Is there an allergy test for carrageenan ?

    • Chelsea says

      There is no allergy test for carrageenan, but you can order it in powdered form and bring it to your doctor to see what they recommend. Hope this helps!

        • Cheri says

          Been getting sporadic migraines for twenty years. Finally figured out it was carrageenan and smoke flavoring. Most of the pain is in my face around my eyes, accompanied by lots of bleching. Just when I think i have a handle on it, I screw up and eat something with one or both in it. It’s frustrating that they say it is safe and it never appears on lists of possible headache triggers.

    • B says

      Yes, there is. I was tested 4 years ago and was positive. You have to ask for the test, several labs offer it. Even Anylabtestnow had it in the allergy panel from Spectrum.

    • Philicia Peters says

      Hello ! I recently found out that I have an allergy to carageenan as well . If I have any I am sick for days in end . I can not stand up straight for days. After I consume uist a little bit of something with it in. I develop severe stomach pain, ibs, headaches and shaking . It completely ruins me for days till I can even semi function .

  10. Ellen says

    I have developed what I suspect to be a sensitivity to carageenan just this year. I love the taste of the Mountain Dairy vanilla egg nog (sold by Kroger affiliated stores), but this year I have started getting cramps and diarrhea after drinking a lot of it. A few days after that had subsided, I had some cottage cheese and some soup, both had carageenan in them, and had the same symptoms. Now I am trying to avoid anything with carageenan. I am glad that Daisy products do not have carageenan in them, and are not real expensive. Sad that the only chocolate milk without it that I have found so far is rather expensive compared to the others.

  11. Michele Glidden says

    I figured out a few years ago that I too am very sensitive to carrageenan. At the time I had never even heard of it. I was using a lot of the organic Pacific almond from Trader Joe’s. I was also in the habit of stopping at the fro yo shop near my house. I’ve since learned it is in pretty much all frozen yogurt. Thank you for sharing this, especially how many foods have this ingredient. There were so many things on your list I would not have suspected and I avoid carrageenan like the plague. Do you happen to know which breweries are using it? I’m an IPA fan. I wish they had to list it if they use it in their process.

  12. Virginia says

    I am also severely severely to carrageenan and even more so to guar gum. Horrible and scary anaphylaxis with trips to the hospital and allergists occurred from ingestion of something. It took a while to figure out what it was and now that I know I obsessively look at labels. Shopping at the health food store did not solve this as both of these additives are listed as “organic” on labels. They are natural products. Eating at restaurants is a problem, as anything that contains a sauce, especially one with dairy products, is suspect – heavy cream, whipped cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheeses – mozzarella, and ricotta cheese are problematic. Recently I found that coconut milk and other coconut type products may contain these allergens. Another problem is with prepared foods that say they contain heavy cream or cream. I don’t know IF the ingredients in the cream they used to make the product are included in the list that is provided on the product – for example ice cream made with cream. Sometimes I have had a reaction and I think it is coming from an ingredient in the list that doesn’t have it’s ingredients listed! I am in my 60s and these allergies reached a life threatening level about 3 years ago. For years I was having a milder reaction to eating smooth ice cream and lattes/desserts that had whip cream on them. Allergies can increase over time to reach a seriously life threatening level suddenly. It is important to be aware.

  13. Jen says

    I just figured out that I have this allergy and what’s I have also discovered is that this ingredient is also in toothpaste.

  14. TiffAny says

    I have an anaphylactic reaction to carrageenan as well. I have had to use my Epi-pen several times because of it.

  15. Mira says

    I thought I was going crazy with severe scratchy painful throat and IBS . It was carageen . It’s in everything pretty soon we won’t be able to eat anything from the store because of the cheap additives they are using in foods. So scarey! Thanks for the great article! I am. It alone on this one!

  16. Laura says

    I had a severe allergic reaction to a seaweed snack. After reading about seaweed, I learned of carrageenan & wondered if it was a hidden source for smaller reactions I have had in the past. I now avoid those foods. I feel it should be clearly labelled as seaweed. I have also had severe reactions to shellfish which both filter the ocean. I wonder how frequently these allergies co-exist.

  17. Jan says

    I learned about carrageenan on my own. Doctors, even allergist never heard of it! I was diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis by Mayo Clinic, following a colonscooy in my local hospital. I have to check all dairy products. I just had diarrhea following a TV dinner. Cheese over french fries contained it! Deli roasted whole Amish chicken from grocery store in Florida. Silk brand Almond Milk doesn’t contain it. Hudsonville ice cream in Michgan doesn’t contain it, except one flavor I just had Cherry Cheesecake at a birthday party last night. Diarrhea today. I didn’t buy it, so don’t know the brand. Wish the government would disallow it like other countries have!!!

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