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  1. Mai C. says

    I’ve only ever been to Hong Kong once and it was a crazy trip. It’s a nice city packed with so many things to do and the weather is perfect for fashion bloggers! Lol. I think you look great with this look. Those boots are HOT!

  2. Gábor Van Tolna says

    Wow very nice takes! I like it, Im sure the people there gave you the one or the other look…

  3. mail4rosey says

    How fun that you’re in Hong Kong. I think it would be fun to go, but I don’t know if the kids would like that long flight.

  4. JustOneMommysOpinion says

    Honestly, those boots look so comfy and soft! Love them. I don’t have thigh high boots but have always wanted to try them 😉

  5. Claire Santiago says

    I never saw a pair of boots as comfy as that. Most of the boots I used are made of leather and are too tight making it uneasy to move for me. I will check the product online.

  6. Karlyn Bishop says

    OMG! Your shoes is totally awesome! I love it. That’s a good choice! Nice outfit as well. I really love your style.

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