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  1. Erica Zucco says

    I love wine… but I feel like I never order it because I’m so intimidated about where to even start in “getting to know” wines! I’ve been to tastings but even then they’re like “do you like dry or…” and I’m like “I don’t know!!!”. Where did you start educating yourself, as silly as that may sound haha?

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    • Chelsea Pearl says

      Not a silly question at all!

      I go tasting at least once a month, and it also helps that my best friend is a sommelier so I’m always asking her to feed me new suggestions and flavors to try. I definitely still find a restaurant wine lists hard to navigate so I always ask their staff for recommendations. It’s so hard to remember wine names, and the wines vary so much from year to year.

      So here’s my take!

      Try to think about reds and whites differently and identify what you like/dislike. Even if they are simple things like the color, viscosity (how watery it is), scent, and region. Also, wines are very subjective and unique to everyone’s palate. It’s perfectly fine to taste something different from what is listed on the bottle or what the person next to you tastes.

      With whites, do you tend to like something smooth and buttery or bright and zesty? Though they don’t sound like sophisticated adjectives, a server or sommelier will know exactly what you mean and can better choose something for you.

      With reds, think about how you like or dislike tannins – that intense flavor and texture that’s chewy or velvety on the mouth. I know I like medium tannins unless I’m having a steak or hearty meat dinner and I would opt for a more full bodied wine with strong tannins. For casual sipping with no food, I tend to like something with softer tannins, and maybe something with fruity notes.

      Hope this helps, and happy tasting! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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