Juniper: a box for that time of the month

Juniper July Box

This month I was introduced to a monthly subscription like none other, and it’s called Juniper; a smarter way to manage your period. Part of why I never signed up for any monthly beauty subscription boxes in the first place was that I never felt I needed extra beauty products to play with each month; it’s not stuff I need. That’s why I could totally get behind the purpose and practicality of Juniper. It’s not exactly convenient for me to always hop in the car and run to the store, nor to get things for that time of the month, when I don’t have a lot of spare time to begin with.

Juniper’s goal is to be your BFF during that time of the month, sending you a perfect customized care package to make your life during that week much more pleasant. They’ll work with you to get you set up on the perfect timing every month, because most of the time ‘late’ and ‘period’ should not be muttered in the same sentence. They also offer 1-on-1 attention, getting their customers the brands and styles of feminine products they prefer or wish to try. They also curate a mix of healthy and naughty treats and surprises each month, because you deserve to indulge a little. Lastly, everything is simple: the box is $28 per month (easy to remember, right?) and all shipping and taxes are included.


Juniper July Box

So what comes inside? Far much more than I imagined! When I opened up my box, everything was neatly and perfectly compartmentalized into sections. I went right for the feminine products, saving the snacks for last. There’s a slim white box where you’ll find the bulk of your day to day items, which are customized for each customer. My last name is Pearl, so I’m a sucker for the Tampax Pearl and I was thrilled to see a generous amount and good assortment of lights, mediums, and super absorbency tampons included. In the separate gold pouch I found Always Maxipads, U by Kotex Pantyliners, Kleenex Tissue, and Midol Complete; all items I hate to run out of at the wrong time.

Juniper July Box
Now, let’s talk about the snacks because let’s be real: food is my life. July’s monthly theme was ‘Party in the USA’ so the box featured goodies from Bay Area-based companies, including a few products I am very familiar with. The first thing I spotted? The Rip van Wafels! These are one of my favorite biscuit-style snacks to have with coffee or tea, since they’re partly chewy, partly wafer, and totally yum. Next I spotted a bag of Dang Coconut Chips, my go-to snack for when I’m craving something sweet or crunchy, and I want to avoid potato chips or processed sweets (aka all the time). The fact that both Teatulia Teas and Fisher Honey Bee Honey Sticks came together in the box was really clever, although I am an unsweetened tea drinker most of the time. If you were wondering where the chocolate was, it comes by way of Torn Ranch Chocolate Chip Cookies! I could hardly wait to crack into the package of these tiny crispy cookies, and they were so good. The party doesn’t stop there… they even included a Heliotrope Black Fig Cardamom Massage Candle to satisfy your sense of smell and touch. This candle is made of shea and soy, so it’s eco-friendly and clean burning.

Watch the video below to see my first impressions when I first unboxed all the goodies.

In the end, I think Juniper is a great value and something super convenient for a city girl like me who doesn’t always have time to run to the store for emergency supplies. The customer service and customization is top notch as well. Whatever products you prefer, they will tailor the box for you. I think if they could price it a little more competitively, say around $20, I think the idea would appeal to the more mainstream consumer and become huge. But it already stands in the middle of the road price wise when you consider all the other monthly subscription services out there, and I think $28 is a fair price to charge since shipping and tax is all included.

To learn more about Juniper, please be sure to visit their website at and keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. And be sure to tell them I sent you!

Also I’m curious, what subscriptions are you subscribed to? Are any as practical as Juniper? Please tell me your experience in a blog comment. I’m interested in hearing what else is both useful and worth the price!

FTC disclosure: I received this Juniper Box for free and I loved it so much I’ve decided to share the experience with my readers. I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this blog post and video.

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